Doodle Invasion

Zifflin's 1st coloring book Doodle Invasion . It's a huge success, illustrated by Kerby Rosanes, and includes 5o unique work of art.

Doodle Realm

Zifflin's 2nd coloring book Doodle Realm illustrated by Jaakko Hinkkanen. 50 unique work of art by the master of 3D shapes, A hidden gem waiting to get discovered by YOU!.

Doodle Fusion

Zifflin's 3rd coloring book Doodle Fusion is here. Illustrated by yet an other Doodle Master - Lei Melendres. 50 unique hand drawn work of art.

Doodle Chaos

Zifflin is proud to present his 4th coloring book Doodle Chaos. This up an coming Doodle Artist will soon be known to everyone as the Master of Chaos! -Irvin Ranada

Manic Botanic

A masterpiece by Irina Vinnik

This is trully amazing art that Zifflin is proud to present to the world! Manic Botanic.

What Do Zifflin Do?

Zifflin makes extraordinary coloring books

  • Zifflin searches for talented artists
  • Together they cooperate to make superb coloring books
  • Zifflins deals with publishers
  • Zifflin would love to hear from publishers in:
  • Japan, Phillipines
  • Germany, France
  • Italy, Holland
  • Scandinavia

What People Are Saying

  • "The Maniac Botanic coloring book is just amazing.......I bought two of these coloring books, so I can give one to my niece..."

    Amazon Review, Manic Botanic
  • "Zifflin's stuff are great. I buy everything they put out"

    Amazon Review, Doodle Realm
  • "Doodle Invasion will be a success in Brazil"

    Competing Publisher from Brazil
  • "I am thankful to you for this great gift."

    A fan..., Islamabad, Pakistan

Doodle Invasion

Example from Doodle Invasion illustrated by Kerby Rosanes.

Doodle Realm

An example from Doodle Realm

Doodle Realm

An other example from Doodle Realm, where you can see the 3D drawings from Jaakko Hinkkanen

Doodle Fusion

This is an example of the work of art by Lei Melendres. From Doodle Fusion.